/// Style ///

A wedding is more than the dress, cake, and all those gorgeous details that went into creating your perfect day... it's about two people coming together in love.   I want to tell that unique love story not only with beautiful images but with pictures that connect with who you.   The magic of the day goes by in an instant, at the end all that's left is the memory and the photographs.  I do more than just capture great moments, I capture the feeling... the mood... of the day.  The moment when dad got teary eyed while walking you down the aisle or when grandma pulled you close to whisper how beautiful you look and how she wished grandpa was here to see it.   It's those special moments that define your day. 

Your photographs should reflect your personality and I spend a lot of time working with each couple and learning what is important to capture all while working within their comfort zone.   So whether you are shy, hate being in front of the camera, super gregarious, a professional model, or some combination getting you at ease so your true personality shines through is my goal.


/// Investment ///

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